Olenzza Thread Epilator

Olenzza Thread Epilator

Olenzza Thread Epilator

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Traditionally facial hairs were manually picked up by rubbing off two strings of cotton, where there were more chances of bacterial infection and acne due to unhygienic sweaty hands.
Cotton removing method mechanically helps to keep the facial skin clean, free from Acne, and breakouts, and smoothens and tightens the skin so that beautiful make-up can be comfortably applied in a speedy manner besides you do not have to be bothered with waxing and other depilation methods that are harmful, lengthy and expensive.
Olenzza Thread Epilator will help remove tiny warts as well as prevent facial nerve numbness, skin senile symptom, and wrinkles.
Olenzza Thread Epilator is the best way to keep women's face beautiful and sparkling within a short time and cost-effective manner.
Olenzza Thread Epilator stimulates the skin and is able to safely remove the hairs in other body areas.


The most beneficial function of Olenzza Thread Epilator is that it helps tiny and short hairs to be completely removed, together with the root of a hair. 

Environmentally friendly material, a safe and fast way to remove hair.


  • Cotton thread for hair removal is a Chinese ancient traditional method for hair removal which is health safe and efficient
  • A cotton thread can pull out the fine hair of your chin/upper lip/eyebrow/forehead and body hair from arm/leg
  • This device can remove hair from the root which makes the effect last long for more than 1-2 weeks, time and money-saving
  • Physical hair removal makes the skin delicate lubrication, NO chemical No Wax, and No hair.

How to use

  • Make sure you are proficient in product operation before applying to eyebrow hair removal



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