Magnetic 3D nail polish

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High quality professional nail polish ingredients that give nails a lustrous and long-lasting color.  Our nail polish is cruelty-free, non-toxic with a quality test report, all polish are tested before on sale.



  • The content of magnetic powder in this nail polish is more than others, so the effect of eye cat is more obvious.
  • This magnetic powder has more than 2 kinds of chameleon color, the 'cat-eye' of this nail polish is three-dimensional and colorful, so we named this nail polish is 3D chameleon cat eye nail polish.
  • This special pattern in those pictures is achieved by using the double head magnetic sticks to make it, there is a video about instruction, you also can make different patterns according to your own design.
  • The Magnetic stick and the black base color is needed but not included.
  • The Black or dark color base recommended for the amazing cat-eye effect.
  • The Value Pack includes 7 different colors + black + FREE Magnet.


How to use

1. Prepare your nails with BASE COAT, and wait for it dry.
2. Apply the black color coat, wait for it dry, then 2nd coat, wait for it dry. (Darker base can help to get a better chameleon effect)
3. Apply 3D magnetic nail polish.
4. Use the magnet stick close to the nail immediately for at least 30s. The closer distance, the more obvious effect. But keep away from the polish. The effect is decided on the line of the magnet stick and the direction you put it.
5. Apply top coat, and use the magnet stick close to the nail again for at least 30s.


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